Corporate Wikipedia: a smart business move

We all know and love Wikipedia for its ability to know everything… literally! It is written in 285 languages and with 4525000 articles in the English free encyclopedia we have all used its magic to complete assignments and Google diagnose. But how can businesses make use of Wikipedia?

Firstly, the magical Wiki is defined as, “A browser based web platform that lets volunteers contribute information based on their expertise and knowledge and permits them to edit content within articles on specific topics” (Safko, 2012, p.197).

Businesses are discouraged from writing articles about themselves due to policies. Wiki states, “Our policy on neutral point of view mandates that promotional material and advertising be removed” (Wikipedia, 2014).

Due to this businesses use of Wikipedia is limited and structured. They can download the MediaWiki software for free, which is the same software that powers Wikipedia, and use it to set up a business corporate wiki. The use of this, “improves the information environment for business within their market” (Xiaoquan, 2013).

Businesses use this corporate wiki for a management system, internal knowledge sharing, to store corporate information and for employee training. The corporate wiki community includes companies like Adobe and

But… these corporate wiki’s look the same as a normal Wikipedia page, so for those unaware you will not know the difference. A great form of public relations! Check out the infographic below for some interesting statistics on the relationship between public relations and Wikipedia.



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Image: PRSay (2012). Infographic: Measuring PR Pros’ Engagement With Wikipedia.

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