The Facebook App: providing true power for innovative businesses

Facebook Apps “allow third-party developers to create their own applications and services that access data in Facebook” (Wikipedia, 2014). An must-have addition to business Facebook pages and a perfect tool for social media competitions.

These highly engaging apps provide further opportunities to engage users online (Claussen, 2013, p.187). Frito-Lay, the company owner of Lay’s potato chips pulled off an innovative and successful “Do us a Flavour” (how punny) Facebook campaign that reveals the true engagement power Facebook gives businesses.


They asked their audience to help them create the next Lay’s flavor; over 3.8 million people from across 14 countries submitted their ideas through a Facebook app. The campaign resulted in 955 million organic Facebook impressions, 1.26 billion PR impressions, and boosted sales by 12% (David, 2013).


Anindita Mukherjee, CMO of Frito-Lay America explains (2013), “Today consumers want to have their voices heard. They want to have their hand in where a brand goes… they want to have a say.”

The campaign is “one of the most widely used brand apps in Facebook history” according to Mark Darcy, the Director of Global Creative Solutions of Facebook.

While this proves the power of Facebook and its app possibilities, businesses must be innovative and creative when developing their campaign in order to STAND OUT from the white noise of Facebook.



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