LinkedIn: The social network for the professional

LinkedIn is a professional site designed for business purposes and “for professionals… having an online presence is no longer optional” (Brand & Arasteh, 2013).

While having a presence on a variety of platforms is desired LinkedIn is the best for content distribution, job search and career management, as having a LinkedIn account is considered crucial for our professional development and credibility. (Brand & Arasteh, 2013).

Of the major social media sites, 89% of hiring professionals have made a hire through LinkedIn, compared to 26% on Facebook and 15% on Twitter (Jobvite, 2012)

A survey conducted by Lab24 (2011), a market research company, revealed that the top activities on LinkedIn are industry networking (61%), keeping in touch (61%), and co-worker networking (55%).

As Linkedin is marketed as a professional tool designed as a social networking site these statistics reveal that it is delivering on its brand promise.

Some tips for a positive and professional LinkedIn account include (Brand & Arasteh, 2013):

  • Position yourself as a subject matter expert.
  • Use your profile to convey the image you want to portray and make all content on your profile match this persona
  • Build connections and visibility in your industry
  • Share useful information on the topics you want people to associate with you

See this put into action within these 25 LinkedIn Case Studies for Successful Professionals.


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